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Preserve and protect our environment: Preserve and protect our environment

Age Groups

Preschool, Kindergarten – 3rd Grade, 4th – 8th Grade, High School, College

Service Terms Offered

one year, one semester

Time Commitment

full-time – 35-40 hours per week, part-time – 18-30 hours per week

Launches in

fall, january

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Climate Impact Corps

Climate Impact Corps members support climate-related projects that align with the goals of the Minnesota Climate Action Framework or a tribal government climate action goal. 

Serving as Climate Impact Project Coordinators, members serve at Minnesota nonprofits and public agencies that have a mission to preserve and protect our environment. They receive receive training, professional development, and ongoing support from staff. Depending on their location, their activities include projects such as:  

  • Planting and inventorying trees 
  • Designing and managing gravel bed tree nurseries 
  • Conducting virtual and on-site solar opportunity assessments 
  • Leading environmental education events 
  • Organizing sustainability projects
Why members love Climate Impact Corps

  •  “As they say, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is today. Climate change is already starting to bite, so let’s get serious about planting trees that are going to survive and help the urban forest become more resilient.” – Phil, a Climate Impact Corps member
  • “I wanted to get in and start helping. I got to use all the skills I’ve built throughout my life.” – Geri, a Climate Impact Corps member
Transform your career with Climate Impact Corps 
Members serving at organizations participating in the Weatherization Assistance Program can earn the Building Science Principles certification as well as the Building Analyst Technical certification during their service at no cost. All Climate Impact Corps members obtain a Minnesota Tree Inspector certification as part of their service at no cost; all other Climate Impact Corps members can opt in to get the Minnesota Tree Inspector certification as well, also at no cost. These certifications prepare you to pursue an entry-level career.

Forestry activities through Climate Impact Corps are partially funded by the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund as recommended by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR). This does not necessarily represent the policy of or endorsement by the State of Minnesota.

Meet a Climate Impact Corps Member

Sara has always had a wandering spirit. For decades, she’s done environmental field work all over the country. Once she decided to settle down, it was hard for her to find positions that made sense for her – until she found Climate Impact Corps.